Stainless Steel and Bamboo Insulated Mug

Add a touch of nature to your work space with this insulated mug. From cold brew to steaming cups of coffee, this double walled insulated stainless steel mug keeps your drink warmer or cooler longer than standard ceramic mugs. Does not heat the outer surface like ceramic mugs so you can wrap your hands around the mug for sips of your favorite beverage. Durable and machine washable. Comes with a plastic lid to prevent spills when on the go.

Bamboo is environmentally friendly. This hardly plant can grow several feet per day without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or much water. Bamboo also releases 30% more oxygen into the air compared to similar sized trees. It grows so fast it yields 20X more than trees in the same area. Save the trees and environment and buy a bamboo product!

$16.50 Amazon
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