Heat Changing Happy Morning Mug

Don’t like to wake up in the morning? Don’t want to go to school or to work? There is no mood in the morning? I understand you very well! Life begins only after your first Mug of coffee. And we will help to make it more colorful! How? Easy!

Take our Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug and pour your regular hot coffee, tea, hot milk or hot chocolate!

Our Heat Sensitive Mug begins to change of temperature and with a sad smiley at the black background turns into a bright smiley face on the beautiful blue background!

There is nothing worse than to sit down and start drinking cold coffee! But with our Heat Sensitive Mug you will not have such problems! If mug is black and sad smiley, then a drink in the Cup is cold, if the blue coffee mug and smiles at you, it means the water is hot!

$16.50 InGwest Home
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